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February 18, 2014
So, as an elementary teacher I strive to give my students as much guidance in reading and writing as I can!

The sisters are fabulous in helping me in my first years with their Cafe book! So, as someone who wants my students to succeed - in the brightest and most Fun atmosphere.. I have created these cute owl cafe titles and strategies! 

Here are a few that I have already put up in my classroom... (This isn't all of them).

This package is also available in any of these colours by themselves, or in a green forest animal theme as well. You may find this package at my TpT store here!
Other packages may be found below:

Blue Owl Cafe Theme
Green Owl Cafe Theme
Pink Owl Cafe Theme
Purple Owl Cafe Theme
Green Forest Animal Theme

This item may also be custom ordered in other colours and themes if you like by sending me an email.

Happy teaching!

<3 Holly 
February 11, 2014

Well! We completed our sustainable owl project for "I love to read" month! We started with newspaper for the owl, construction paper for the beak, wings and book. Then I punched out some eyes from card stock and construction paper. The kids traced everything and cut it out, then glued it together! We were also able to reuse our previous expired book order forms to cut out books for out books. 

I think they turned out so great! 

Hello teaching and crafting friends!
Ever wonder how to get your busy little bees to want to learn their spelling words? Well this is what I have been doing and it works WONDERS! 

My students now want to practice their spelling at recess just to be able to keep or put their bee on the hive! Every child in my classroom gets one! But the catch is that they have to get all their words correct on the test in order to keep their bee on the hive for the following week! 

Now, the kids that don't successfully spell all their words don't lose anything, but their bee would not be displayed in the hive for that week. It's simply on the wall beside the door where the hive is located! Below are pictures of the first week we did this challenge. Now, we are gaining more and more bees on the hive every week we advance through the year! 

So much fun to be had in grade 1 & 2! 

I'm kind of on a roll today with my posts! I've been a very busy gal!! One of the newest products I have made to add my TpT store is my candyland aight word cards game! I have made 2 different versions so far and have plans to make many more math ones!

Version #1 is an English sight word game! It comes ready to print with tons of words! 272 to be exact! This fun package  also has blank word cards so you can add your own spelling words or words that you are working on in your class! 
The English version also comes with a bonus word club package included ($4.00 value) for free! 

Version #2 is a French sight words package! It has 144 word cards and 64 blank word cards for you to fill in with your own words as well! Both these fun packages are available in my TpT store! Links to each of them are below! 

Here is the link to the English and French version of my candyland game! Enjoy! 

Love, Holly! 
February 10, 2014

February is "I love to read" month! So, out class will be taking part in a lot of reading activities! :) first, I have started with this bulletin board!

I'm so excited for this to be completed! More pictures to follow!

Lots of love,

Hello again! Here is another one of my projects that I am so pleased with. Everything on this bulletin board was hand drawn except the frog, the little bugs on the beanstalk and the letters!

If you are interested in downloading my fairy tale package to use in your classroom.. Please visit my teachers pay teachers store here... 

These fairy tale elements are available in my fairy tales package in my teachers pay teachers store! Stop by for ideas, inspiration or to find some new things for your classroom! 

<3 Holly

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